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a lot of the information below is also on my twitch profile page but I have put it all here incase twitch decides to mess up the on there


I have got a a number of games to giveaway so I will start give these away either in my stream or someones else stream(with there permission)

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this page will be adjust later on

  My Streaming channels :


I also play Paladins a free to play game also u can add me as a friend using the link below



Love the little kitty at the bottom of the stream?

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i would recommend, once you have signed up with twitch, is check the guide :)


    ANYONE who breaks these rules will be punished accordingly.

    This is NOT a pg 13 stream, but i would prefer the chat to remain somewhat clean profanity whise.

    DO NOT come into my stream and ask for any privileges, they must be earned.

    NO sexist, racist , or otherwise offensive language of any kind to myself or to any fellow chat members. Trolls are welcome but will be monitored.

    NO backseat gaming, i play my games my own way, if i ask for help then you may help otherwise, no. Please only speak english in chat, i cannot understand any other languages.

    DO NOT enter my stream for the sole purpose of self advertisement, you will be immediately banned from chat .

    DO NOT insult me, my friends or any of my viewers in any way.


My System Specs

webpage made to make profile smaller http://www.darkdazpude.co.uk/specs.htm


Streaming schedule will start from 2nd Jan 2017

All Times are UK Times Schedule has had to be changed but i will post a new schedule soon

times and days are subject to change but hoping to keep those times if nothing else goes wrong


Well, what can i say, i'm in my 30s, i've been streaming on twitch since 2015, i may add to this if i can think of anything else in the future. “Progress of Main Pc” I have plans to upgrade my pc in the future. e.g. graphics card etc. “Stream Info” The overlays i use are not the best and i will be getting new ones in the future, please bare with me. 

18th June 2016

i been thinking & its time i made some choices, but put alot of my feelings on a webpage for u all to look at http://bit.ly/1YyGXeH

06th June 2016

Hey my lovly people, sorry i been away but heres the link for my news: http://www.darkdazpude.co.uk/dazafk.htm have a read and it will explain more <3

after alot of thinking, i might be changing names and going to a different website. as i dont feel like i am getting anywere twitch no more.. no final decision as been made yet, will i will update this section soon....

I have got a new poll running: http://strawpoll.me/7008694 copy and paste the link to your address bar of your favorite browser

current date no longer streaming unless its American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck SImulator 2 Multiplayers, only so if i do get any rams etc i got the proof, also will stream Star Trek Online when i am with my fleet mates


Supported Streamers

there are many streamers that i support, that until i make a full list, I feel it unfair to name some and not others, so that list will be replacing this message in the future, Also, i would like to say that, even if i fall out with streamers, I will still support them e.g. host, raid etc, us streamers have to stick together,

except banned streamers

Are You Banned? Read Below

a handful streamers (who i am not going to name out of respect) have been accusing me for actions that i have not done. therefore they are not welcomed in my chat and are banned. anyone who accuses me of actions that i have not done will be banned permanently from my stream chat.


A List of American Truck Simulator Mod Websites” These are the websites i use and trust for ats mods. I have placed the links into another page to make the profile page smaller please see this website page for the links please see this weblink to see a full list of mod sites for ATS that I got, http://www.darkdazpude.co.uk/atsmods.htm



These are the games i play on stream. Also, id like to say that im sorry for any lag, that is mostly due to my outdated graphics card which i hope to be upgrading in the near future.

Multiplayer Mode Only

American Truck


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Star Trek Online


Stardew Valley

Rocket League



No Man's Sky


Conan Exlies


I play other games two but not streaming: please see weblink for other games http://www.darkdazpude.co.uk/twitchgames.htm bare in mind I will be updateing this list in due course but it will be updated so bare with me.


I would never ask for money off anyone, But Any Donations Received will be put towards a better pc so i can give you a lot better stream. all donations are thankful but not expected or asked for...


My Steam Group

Join my steam group for more info on my streams.

click on image for weblinks

Twitch Channel Rules

1) Please be respectful to each other and no insulting one or another,
2) obey the caster and the mods, what the mods say goes,
3) no back seat gaming will be accepted. but if i get stuck i will ask the chat.
4) no spoilers of any games or films will be allowed.
5) no stream sniping will be tolertated.
6) no under age chatters will be allowed, so please do not enter this channel, this is standarded twitch rules aswell.
7) no complaining in chat if you dont like something or someone: EG if you have a problem with a chatter or a mod or me, please use the whisper
8) no server information of any kind no matter what game it is, is allowed to be in chat.
9) i do not support or use any game glitches to my advanage , so please don't put any glitches in chat un less its to say to me to avoid it and i am not aware of it,, Thank you
10) do not advertise your self weather you got a twitch, you tube or steam unless i give direct permission for u to do so.
11) please dont post links with permissions